Lula-Who? Learn How to Sew Leggings and Fill Your Wardrobe!

After learning about the whole Lularoe holes in leggings fiasco, I wanted to dedicate a post on the art of legging-making. Do you want a drawer filled with leggings that fit you perfectly? Learn how to sew leggings and save a little money while enjoying your higher-quality leggings.

The anatomy of a pair of leggings:

  • Stretch knit fabric: Knit fabric is made of several fibers “knitted” together with loops. Because of the loops, the fabric is able to stretch. The fibers also contain stretchy material such as Lycra or Spandex, which lets them stretch out and bounce back to their original size.”What are Lularoe leggings made of?”, you may ask. They are made of a knit composed of polyester and spandex fibers. Their fabric is very soft because they use a process to “brush” it, sometimes it is referred to as “brushed poly or polyester.” Sometimes the brushing / softening process can weaken the fibers and cause the fabric to be prone to more holes.
  • Seams/Sewing: The seams are either sewn with a serger or a regular machine. If you use a regular machine, you need to use a narrow zig-zag. Straight seams break when stretched. The zig-zagged seams are able to stretch (like an accordion)  without breaking.
    When you sew knit fabric it’s best to use a ball-point sewing machine needle. Regular sewing machine needles are sharp and punch through the fabric and tear fibers. Ball point needles push the fibers out of the way without ripping or tearing. The little rips and tears a regular needle makes can cause the fabric to start to unravel and make the seam weak.

    Ball-Point Needles

Where to Find Legging Fabric or Fabric for Leggings

These are the types of fabric you want to be searching for: cotton spandex knit, cotton lycra knit, or a polyester spandex knit. Your fabric needs to have 4-way stretch. 4-way stretch means that the fabric can stretch from side to side and up and down.

Legging Sewing Patterns

The ultimate legging sewing pattern is also free! Patterns for Pirates released a free sewing pattern a few years ago: their “Peg Leg Leggings.” Their directions will teach you how to sew leggings that you will love.

To get the free leggings pattern, head over to their website, link: Patterns for Pirates.

When you’ve signed up for an account, visit the Facebook group: Facebook Group.

Once you’ve joined, you can find the code for the free leggings pattern in the comments on their pinned post: Pinned Post. You might have to scroll up and click on “view more comments” to find the code, it’s in the picture, Picture with Codes.

You can now download the peg legs leggings pattern for free from their website. There’s also a code for their free pencil skirt pattern, which looks similar to a Lularoe Cassie skirt but with way more options for different lengths.

Leggings Fabric

Wondering where to find fabric for leggings? I’ve rounded up a few good fabric sources below.

how to sew leggings

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