Fun With Opencart

So I’m the owner of Originally I used ZenCart shopping cart software with my site but recently I’ve switched over to OpenCart. I have a little computer knowledge (enough to make me dangerous). I’ve come in to a few issues and found out how to fix them. I know everyone likes to give a snide “google it, geez!” and “well if you don’t know how to fix it why didn’t you just buy software or get a subscription”.  I’m an example of what happens when someone gets enough knowledge but not quite enough… I am not a computer doctor, but this is what seemed to work for me.

  • The menu wouldn’t show a third level category. So if you require more than one subcategory…. Here’s how to show a third level category on your Opencart. Thanks to THIS website! Want your fourth level category to show? No idea how to do that.
    • Step 1: Install VQMOD for your version of OpenCart.
    • Step 2: Install this modification to show the third level category:
    • If you’ve installed a theme to pretty up your OpenCart you’ll need to change some code in the third level category XML file. Edit the file in your notepad editor.
    • how to add third level menu to opencart

      This is the file to edit

      Step 2

      Step 2: Find this in the code. Replace “default” with the name of your template.


    • Pinterest button??!! Omg how can I survive without that??!! I found this scouring the forum:
      • Add the line of code to your footer.tpl file that labeshops suggests: <script type="text/javascript" async data-pin-hover="true" src="//"></script>
      • install_pinterest_button_opencart

        Where to find the footer.tlp file