Pusheen Box Winter 2016 Adorable-ness

A surprise visitor came via mail today, my very first Pusheen box arrived! This is the Pusheen box winter 2016 edition (holiday season). Spoiler below to make sure you don’t accidentally see this before you’ve opened your box.

I am in love with the packaging! It has feet! I was worried that the box might get dirty during shipment but it came encased with clear plastic. I’ll probably use the empty box for storage in my sewing room.

pusheen box winter 2016

Pusheen Box Winter 2016 Contents

winter 2016 pusheen box


  • Pusheen wrapping paper and gift sticker set (perfect for wrapping Christmas gifts)
  • Insulated Pusheen cat thermos, ready for coffee or hot chocolate. It’s only a little over 9 ounces but that just means you’ll have to brew your coffee stronger.
  • Gray silicone Pusheen tea infuser
  • Pusheen rubber stamp set, these would be perfect for scrapbooking
  • Limited edition Pusheen vinyl figure, Pusheen is wearing a teal striped scarf
  • Knitted Pusheen mittens, with flap to convert them into fingerless gloves.
  • Pusheen washi tape, I’m definitely going to use this in my planner
  • Super soft fleece Pusheen scarf. I’m impressed with the detail, there’s even a striped tail, feet and whiskers. I really like the length too.
  • And my personal favorite: the adorable Pusheen string lights, these are battery-powered. They would be on our Christmas tree right now if I had gotten my act together and put up a tree.

winter 2016 pusheen box

I’m not disappointed, and am very excited for the next Pusheen box: Spring 2017. Spring is too far away! I’m sad I missed out on the Summer box with all the mermaid (merkitty?) Pusheen merchandise.

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