Fuzzy Wonderz: Hatchimals’ Sketchy Cousin

If you’re searching for Hatchimals you may have stumbled across Fuzzy Wonderz, a new toy advertised to hatch out of an egg and interact with a phone application. If you visit their webpage you’ll be haunted by fuzzy wonderz ads wherever you go (the website injects an insidious cookie in your internet browser). It’s hard to find any information or reviews so far about these critters, mostly you stumble across comments from stressed out customers waiting for their orders.

Update December 5th, 2016, Fuzzy Wonderz is in the news, here is the video from WDIV Detroit:

Below is a youtube video released by Fuzzy Wonderz. I’m not sure exactly how the hatching mechanism works, if it’s the beak like the Hatchimal or some other way. Where the egg breaks doesn’t seem to line up with the beak in the video. I’m also not sure why I’m thinking about this so much. It’s probably not a conspiracy.

While I was reading up on this I found another blog (http://www.littlecrunchy.com/2016/11/fuzzy-wonderz-real.html) that tracked down what exactly these critters are. Apparently they are Hibou pets, but the Fuzzy Wonderz manufacturers modify them to hatch like hatchimals. Behold the Little Hibou toy in all it’s glory:

I’m not sure why Fuzzy Wonderz doesn’t choose the snazzy color combinations shown below, maybe the bow tie was extra? Affiliate links below. These first few toys are meh, but your life is incomplete without the last one!

Hibou Toy

Hibou Owl Fuzzy Wonderz

And a pink Hibou owl…
Pink Interactive Hibou owl

And this is what nightmares are made of:

But not as scary as this. This should be the “it” toy this year.
William Mark’s Feisty Pets: Scary Bunny
feisty pets bunny best toy ever