Impractical Anthropologie Door Knobs

If you have a boyfriend or husband who you’ve taken (or kidnapped) to the mall they might sometimes speak of “the door knob store” while having traumatic Anthropologie flash backs.

The knobs are so beautiful that they can almost stand on their own without a piece of furniture attached to them. The dresser is just the stand for what’s really important– those beautiful, beautiful drawer pulls. I’ve had dark fantasies about buying a china cabinet just to put the knobs in. I’d have pieces of wood with pre-drilled holes to display them in the cabinet… Do not tell my significant other about this.

I’ve done a lot of brainstorming to find uses for these delicate door knobs. It seems like any fixtures that are used regularly would probably cause damage. Some poor fellow is bound to accidentally break it and bring the wrath of a thousand angry wolves upon him, because “Did you know how much I paid for these knobs? They haven’t made these for years! Where am I supposed to get a new one? We’re going to have to replace ALL of them! What am I supposed to do with only three knobs? It looks awful now!”

(Sheepishly) tucked away in a shopping bag I had possibly the most frivolous door knobs ever created, the “furry companion knob”. Color: “cat”. More figurine than knob.

anthropologie cat door knob

I’ll get back to you when I find a practical purpose for these…