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Tailwind Tribes: How to Get More Pins on Pinterest for Your Etsy Listings!

If you’re interested in getting more pins to promote your Etsy listings I just created a tailwind tribe for Etsy sellers: Tribe for Etsy Sellers

What is Tailwind? Tailwind is a website where you can schedule pins for your Pinterest account, rather than doing a mass-pin binge at one time. A tailwind tribe is a group where you can share your pins and re-pin pins that have been shared by your fellow tribe-members. A common rule is the 1:1 share ratio, which means that for every pin you share you must pin one of your tribe-members pins.

Tailwind tribes are an excellent way to share your pins with a relevant audience and to discover new and interesting pins from other creators. Most tribes seem to be for DIY projects and home decor rather than for product advertisements. Mine is all about promoting handmade items!