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The Spoonflower Pro Program

Spoonflower introduced something new recently called the Spoonflower Pro Program, where you can pay a yearly subscription fee and receive free shipping worldwide.

spoonflower pro program

I immediately pounced upon this opportunity for free shipping. The program currently costs $142, which averages out to about $12.42 per month. So to make it worthwhile your shipping costs per month need to be above $12.42.

Shipping (within the USA) is $3.00 – $4.00 if you order a single yard of fabric. If you’re ordering small amounts of fabric the program might not make sense. However, if you’re frequently ordering small amounts of fabric shipping will add up quickly. The savings start after you order your fifth (individual) yard in a month.

It’s nice to have free shipping all the time so you don’t need to worry about trying to group all your orders together to save on shipping. You’re able to order what you need immediately rather than waiting to make a bulk order to save on shipping. The guaranteed 1 week turnaround means quicker turnaround for your customers and also being able to keep the prices of your products down while the costs for your other materials always seems to be rising.