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Vintage Polly Pocket Nostalgia, and Polly Pocket Lots

Polly Pocket took up where Little People (Fisher Price) left off. Polly Pocket got an entire dollhouse with a few tiny accessories that could literally fit in your pocket. Vintage polly pocket compacts by Bluebird have become extremely collectible because the millennials are nostalgic for a simpler time with less robotics and more imagination. This post contains referral links.

The Origin of Polly Pocket

The story of Polly Pocket’s creation involves a dedicated father who carefully fashioned a tiny dollhouse for his daughter using a powder compact. Bluebird Toys liked the idea and decided to put it into production. I found a photo of the original Polly Pocket created by him:

The toys that creative fathers come up with for their little ones are amazing. For instance, my dad made me a toy ladybug because I was unhappy that I had to release my  (live) ladybug hostage back into the wild. His innovative use of improvised materials included: construction paper, markers, tape and a cotton ball for stuffing.



I owned the veterinary clinic and the “country cottage” both of which were found by my mom at the thrift shop. And the sneakers. Those glorious Polly Pocket sneakers. Polly Pocket didn’t stay trapped in her heart-shaped PVC prison for very long. My mom finally cut open the plastic heart and let her free after endless pestering. However, the celebration was short-lived and this Polly doll was slightly too big to fit in the compacts. I recently found the exact vintage Polly Pocket sneakers on eBay that I owned as a child. Pictures courtesy of Nina100 on eBay:

vintage polly pocket sneakerspolly pocket sneakers vintage polly pocket

She also had a treasure-trove of vintage Polly Pocket related paraphernalia for sale. These items included many consumables. Consumables are items that rarely survive because they are used and discarded (like party supplies, plates, etc).

vintage polly pocket ballet party supplies

And vintage Polly Pocket clothing and accessories. Polly Pockets audience was very young it’s rare for these things to survive.

polly pocket watch vintage polly pocket watch pink heart locket

vintage polly pocket umbrella

Polly Pocket evolved. She was no longer bound to stand in a few pre-designated holes in her brightly colored plastic tableau. Polly grew substantially taller and suddenly acquired an extensive wardrobe. She become more and more like a traditional fashion doll.

Vintage Polly Pocket Lots

On eBay you can find treasure troves of vintage Polly Pocket lots. Seller godshamgod10, fellow lover of 90’s ephemera (@SwagSupermarket on IG) recently sold a really nice collection. This collection had several vintage light up Polly Pockets.

vintage polly pocket lot vintage polly pocket fairy fantasy garden light up polly pockets

vintage light up polly pocket
Look! It lights up!

Finally, another recent vintage Polly Pocket lot treasure trove was sold by Eponarosevintage. Be sure to take a look at her eBay store, she has a nice collection of old die-cut Valentine’s day cards for sale.


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